Frequently Asked Questions

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10ZiG Windows Embedded Standard 7


1. I am getting virtual memory errors.

2. Where can I get a quick start guide for a 10ZiG Windows 7 Embedded thin client?

3. Using RDP 7 and it is extremely slow.

4. Using dual monitor, one VGA and one DVI, my monitors are flashing on and off continually.

5. I am trying to connect to a Windows 7 VM and I cannot get dual monitors to work.

6. How do I run sysprep on a Windows 7 thin client?

7. I am using the .net Gemalto Smart card reader but I need a driver for it - where can I obtain it?

8. I am using the hardware model E710 and have video performance issues.

9. I am getting a message "You have been logged into a temporary profile in Windows 7 computer..."

10. How can I disable USB RemoteFX redirection?

11. How can I configure RemoteFX for an Optimal Experience?

12. Where can I find a setup guide for Windows 7?

13. Will the red ATI7000 64MB 64Bit PCI DVI CRT card work in the 67xx series box?

14. Can I install Windows updates on WES 7?

15. On the U800 (5617) running WES 7 I am getting a flashing cursor when using HDX on XenDesktop4.

16. How can I get my ELO Touch Screen to work with the WES 7 build?

17. Where can I find end of lifecycle information on Microsoft software?

18. I just received a WES 7 thin client and it is set to auto logon as a limited user, how do I get out of it and log in as the administrator?

19. My WES 7 units are losing their domain membership.

20. RDP is running extremely slow, is there anything I can do to improve the speed?

21. Where can I find documentation on how to install a VESA bracket on the 58XX series models

22. I am trying to get dual HDMI monitors to work on the 58XX (L800) model, each will work but not both at the same time.

23. How can I set up a shared network drive for the limited user ThinClientUser?