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!!!! 10ZiG Technology Thin Clients are VMware Horizon View Certified !!!!


VMware Horizon - Linux Thin Client

1. I am no longer able to connect to virtual desktops using PCoIP - I get a black screen or it just closes out.

2. I am trying to connect to a Windows 7 VM via RDP protocol and I cannot get dual monitors to work.

3. When running a PowerPoint Presentation on a VM using VMware View Client is runs extremely slow.

4. A duplicate copy of the same attached USB printer is seen inside the virtual desktop.

5. Trying to connect to a Windows 7 VM and just get a black screen which eventually disconnects.

6. When I start a Linux VMware View session or attempt to select a VM desktop it immediately returns to the Connection Manager.

7. I am trying to set up my VMware View Connection Server 5.1 to use a self-signed certificate but it does recognize it as valid.

8. How can I install CA certificates on the 8848v and 5848v?

9. I am using VMware Horizon View Administrator and Agent 5.3 but I cannot get my USB webcam to pass-through to the desktop from a Linux thin client.