Frequently Asked Questions

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The Q3


1. Where can I find the LVD-HVD Demo Guide for the Q3?

2. How can I tell if I need HVD or LVD?

3. I cannot HyperTerminal into the Q3?

4. I am getting the error on the Q3 Unit Attention Skey.

5. Does the Q3 support active terminators?

6. Can I use the Q3 with the IBM 3570?

7. Can I use the Q3 on narrow SCSI (8 bit devices)?

8. Does the Q3 come highly recommended?

9. Does the Q3 support SCSI 3590E drives and if so are there any special considerations?

10. Does the Q3 support Single Ended SCSI devices?

11. Does the Q3 support Differential SCSI devices?

12. We presently have the older Differential Interfaced tapes but are soon going to be moving to a new system which will have LVD interfaced tapes. Can I read tapes written on the HVD drives if we then purchase an LVD Q3 for the new units?

13. How do I set the SCSI ID on the Q3?

14. We purchased an HVD Q3 last year but are looking to upgrade our system soon and will go to LVD drives, is it possible to upgrade our existing Q3 to handle the LVD drives?

15. The display shows “Off Line”, what is wrong?

16. I cannot change the status from secure to unsecure using the GUI.

17. Does the Q3 support more than one tape drive?

18. Do we need to have special configuration to deal with different drive types?

19. If I lose my unit and the spare unique ID chip is my data gone forever?

20. Is it possible for the user to upgrade the unit firmware themselves?

21. Does the Q3 only work with tape drives?

22. MCan I monitor the front panel remotely?

23. What SCSI connectors are on the LVD Q3 units?

24. My System and tape drives use the small VHDCI connectors, how do I use the Q3 with these units?

25. What happens if we have a power failure? Is there anything special we need to do?

26. We often suffer power supply outages, is there a way to ensure the units don’t restart with then in non secure mode?

27. I keep seeing “Illegal Request” on the display, what is the problem causing this?

28. What are the speed implications of installing the Q3?

29. Can two different people (groups) hold separate keys for the Q3?

30. Will the Q3 work with my autoloader?

31. Will the Q3 work with my library?

32. What encryption algorithms does the Q3 use?

33. If we change from a SCSI infrastructure to fibre channel is it possible to upgrade the Q3 to work on Fibre Channel?

34. Is it possible to connect to the Q3 through the LAN?

35. The LED on the Q3 displays SRAM Corruption.

36. I am using NetBurner to connect Ethernet to Serial and it appears to connect except I cannot enter(set) a password.

37. Will the Q3 Qconfig software work in a 64 bit environment?

38. Are there any specific options that need to be set on the SAV* commands on the iSeries?