Frequently Asked Questions

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UK and Europe support email or call +44 116 2148650


10ZiG No-Touch


How to Retrieve a Support File

1. Where can I find the official 10ZiG NoTouch Wiki?

2. Where can I find the NTD firmware updates packages?

3.Where can I find the NoTouch Center update package?

4.Where can I find the NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance packages?

5. How can I change the desktop background?

6. Does NoTouch support dual monitors that are independent such as one landscape and one portrait?

7. If I plan to change the IP address of my NoTouch Center Management server, how do I relicense it?

8. I have an older PC or thin client that seems to be missing some peripherals or not displaying correctly on my monitor.

9. I have a brand new netbook or professional class PC that was manufactured this year, K206 and K305 does not seem to detect my monitors or wireless properly.

10.How do I move NoTouch Desktops between the groups that they are assigned to in the NoTouch Center?

11. How can I get a USB thumb drive to pass through to 2008RS server?

12. I am unable to VNC as my version of Chrome has blocked the Java plugin.