Frequently Asked Questions

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10ZiG Linux


1. When I connect to Citrix XenApp with the Linux Thin Client it appears the Firefox Client is not detecting the Citrix Plugin correctly.

2. I have set my thin client to use dual monitor but when I access Citrix Xendesktop or Xenapp I still do not get dual monitor.

3. Once in a while my share folder will disconnect, is there a way to automatically connect it on demand without rebooting?

4. How do I enable Font Smoothing in Citrix?

5. How many DNS servers will a Linux thin client recognize when the DNS servers are configured via DHCP?

6. Where can I find a user guide for the 8848 thin client model?

7. I am running two Xendesktop sessions in WBT mode, how can I switch between them?

8. How do I set up a 5250 printer session connected via USB in version 9?

9. How can I install flash player on Linux version 9.10.0 and higher?

10. How To Update Or Restore The Firmware On A 10zig Model (57xx)

11. My webcam is not working in VMware