Frequently Asked Questions

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10ZiG Legacy Linux


1. How can I tell what version of firmware is installed on my thin client?

2. How can I change the wallpaper/background and screensaver?

3. My users are typing away and get a message about the maximum number of characters exceeded.

4. How do I keep my users from changing the properties on sessions either through properties of the ICON or in connections manager?

5. How can I add a certificate to the Linux thin client?

6. What is the difference between WBT and TBT mode?

7. Where can I find a manual for my Linux thin client?

8. My terminal is in desktop mode how can I window my sessions?

9. Where to I set the proxy settings within Firefox or Mozilla?

10. We have created a web browser session and checked to Identify it as MS Internet Explorer. When displaying our email page, the page partially loads but does not show the emails. If we uncheck the Identify as MS Internet Explorer option, emails are displayed but new emails are no longer in bold font.

11. How do I go between sessions in TBT mode?

12. What does "Send Keep Alive" do in Advanced Options under the Connection tab of the display session properties?

13. How do I create a Powerterm session and make is start automatically?

14. I want to remap my enter keys but I can't, why?

15. How do I remapping Shift+PgUp to DUP key when using the a Linux Client with 5250 emulation and the 10ZiG 122KB?

16. I have configured my 5250 sessions to start automatically but they error out and I have to start them again.

17. I have a 5250 display and printer session configured to start automatically but the printer session always ends up the top session, how can I reverse it so the display session is on top?

18. How do I set the alternate address for a Citrix server on the ICA client when natting is involved?

19. Using the RDP session with 2000 Terminal Server I cannot get any sound.

20. I am running an RDP session and get the numbers 2,4,6,8 when using the arrow keys.

21. My RDP session won't work - name of session contains an apostrophe.

22. When I try to establish a connection to my Citrix server, I either get an error negotiating capabilities and then it disconnects or a message that the connection ended because of network error.

23. How do I create an RDP session so that it automatically logs in and starts it automatically?

24. How do I set up a Windows share from my thin client?

25. How do I set up an iSeries share from my thin client?

26. Can I operate the thin client in a horizontal position?

27. I set a password on my Linux thin client but I cannot remember it, how can I reset factory defaults if I can't remember the password?

28. I am having problems with my Open Office - crashes and doesn't work consistently?

29. Affirmative (and Compumaster) 122 keyboards don't work.

30. How can I see files stored on a thumb drive using my Linux thin client browser?

31. I am using Open Office and am not able to save to an SMB share on a v5r3 AS/400.

32. How do I set up OO to save on a mapped drive?

33. I am using DHCP and I have been assigned an IP but I can't get out on the Internet.

34. On the LTC 1000 with wireless card, the wizard does not come up immediately when first installed, why?

35. Customer has two routers on the same network and he wants to be able to use a different router as the gateway for his terminal at different times.

36. How do I configure the wireless network card on my LTC thin client?

37. Installed the Cisco Aironet 350 on my LTC unit running the 2.6 kernel and there is no place to configure it.

38. How do I set up a secure SSH connection to an AS/400 from outside a VPN using a linux thin client?

39. Do the Linux thin clients support LEAP?

40. My thin client goes to a blue desktop but the only option in the start menu is EXIT QVWM.

41. Is there a way to issue a reboot command using FTP?

42. We have designed a 5250 screen using enhanced user interface with radio buttons etc on the screen but it does not work in the 5250 session.

43. Where can I find a manual for the RBT/TBT?

44. Where can I find a manual for the older version of BOSmanager?

45. Where can I find a manual for the TBT thin client?

46. How do I log into a domain or authenticate to an Active Directory?

47. Is there any way to make Firefox addons persistent?

48. How can I set up the U700 to PXE(LAN) boot?

49. How can I set up the U800 to PXE(LAN) boot?

50. Can I PXE boot to the 10ZiG Manager using the wireless connection?

51. Symbol USB scanner model LS2208 attached to a model U700 will not initialize on boot.

52. When updating the firmware from the Firmware Tab in Terminal Properties using the 10ZiG Manager, what port should I use?

53. Where can I find a quick start guide for the 5100?

54. I mapped a drive to my iSeries IFS where there are .pdf files. The hot spots are set but the documents will not display when I click on them from a 5250 session.

55. Where can I find instructions for mounting bracket installation?

56. How can I set my U800 to boot to USB thumb drive?

57. Where can I find a manual for the version 9 VDI thin clients?

58. Where can I find documentation on using the 10ZiG USB Linux Desktop?

59. I set my display resolution too high and now all I get is a black screen.

60. Using RDP and connecting to a Windows 2008 server - I can connect once but after that get an internal licensing error.

61. How can I play a .wav file?

62. I double click on my web browser (Firefox) ICON and I get a message that Firefox is already in use.

63. How can I get Ctrl+Alt+Del to work in Xendesktop?

64. The mouse scrolls extremely slow when using ICA or Xendesktop client on a 5672.

65. How do I configure the wireless connection on a TBT-1000 (51xx)

66. I am trying to connect to a Cisco ASA 5505 Series using the Linux Cisco VPN Client without success.

67. Can a Linux Thin Client be authenticated using a Radius authentication system?

68. How can I configure a USB attached printer in an RDP sessions to a Windows server?

69. Are there any limits on the types of printers my Linux thin client can support?

70. How do I configure a remote OUTQ on the AS/400 (iSeries) so I can print to my attached printer via IP?

71. How to I add a printer to use in an RDP session on a Linux thin client?

72. How to I add a Host Based printer to use in an RDP session on a Linux thin client?

73. How can I print to a local printer using a VT100 session?

74. How to configure a printer for an 8848c using firmware 10.4.15 and higher?