Frequently Asked Questions

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CE Thin Clients


1. How can I configure a USB attached printer in an RDP sessions to a Windows server?

2. Are there any limits on the types of printers my CE thin client can support?

3. How do I configure a remote OUTQ on the AS/400 (iSeries) so I can print to my attached printer via IP?

4. Where can I find a CE Thin Client Manual?

5. Where can I find a CE Tablet Manual?

6. How do I restore a unit that has an OS prior to CE 5.0 Pro to factory defaults?

7. I configured a 5250 printer and 5250 display session. Display session comes up and the II is in blue so it is active but if you click on it nothing happens. You can select CTRL ALT DOWN and move to it and then select I to get back to the display session but then once again I cannot select the printer.

8. I cannot get any USB printers, keyboards or mice to work on my on my U700 or G700 CE thin client?

9. How do I go between multiple RDP sessions when in WBT mode?

10. Where can I find instructions for mounting bracket installation?

11. Is the Bluetooth profile on the CE Tablets HID or SPP?

12. I have a WTC-1000 model G700 and none of the USB ports work, including USB keyboard and mouse

13. How can I put a custom wallpaper on my CE WTC-1000 thin client?

14. Adding a USB printer on my WTC-400 but I don't see the option for USB when I am adding it?

15. My USB printer will not print - looks like it spools but nothing happens.

16. I am not able to input an IP address for the printer path - I need to be able to do this.

17. How do I set up my CE.NET unit to do a print screen from my 5250 session?

18. How do I connect a printer in an RDP session on an LTC/WTC unit?

19. How is printing through the browser (as well through Office viewers and Acrobat Reader) handled in our WINCE Terminal?

20. How do I set up my CE terminal to print using RAW via a browser?

21. How do I set up my CE mail client to print using RAW printing?