Frequently Asked Questions

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Zignature Pad


1. How do I update the firmware on the Zignature Pad (Model #1440 Only)?

2. How do I calibrate the Zignature Pad?

3. Where can I find the latest firmware for the Zignature Pad?

4. Can you auto page forward (Jump) to the pages you need to sign?

5. Where can I download the latest Zignature Pad software?

6. Where can I find the latest 10ZiG ZiGnature Pad User Guide?

7. Where can I find a whitepaper containing information and considerations in regards to ESignatures?

8. Why does my PDF reader display a notice saying the signatures are invalid or have a problem when the signed document is displayed from ZiGnature Pad?

9. How do I replace the default 10ZiG logo screen when the pad is not in use?

10. Where can I find the designer user guide?