Frequently Asked Questions

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10ZiG Windows Embedded Standard


1. The upper row of Function keys do not work correctly in the emulation session when using Citrix.

2. Since I cannot uninstall Citrix, is there a way to get the Citrix Secure access ICON off the desktop?

3. How do I lock out Internet Explorer so my users cannot access it?

4. PCCR 7000 PSC Scanner will not work with some Thin Clients.

5. We have a monitor that has native resolution of 1920x1200 but the thin client doesn't seem to support that resolution.

6. How do I determine what BIOS my thin client has installed?

7. How do I get a Plantronics headset from Pegasus or any USB audio device to work on the XPe thin client?

8. How can I get BOSaNOVA TCP/IP to work with Real Vision software, particularly the scanning part?

9. Using RDP I am getting a random Microsoft Licensing Error?

10. I cannot VNC into the XTC thin client.

11. I am having trouble getting a dual monitor to work.

12.How do I install a certificate on XP Embedded?

13. How do I install a Bluetooth device on the XP embedded thin client?

14. I do I set the XP Thin client to log on automatically as a specific user?

15. How can I set the 7916 to boot to LAN (PXE)?

16. How do I keep the default wallpaper from loading?

17. I have an XP thin client with XenDesktop loading automatically, how can I get to a desktop?

18. How can I manually set up the 54xx (model U700) to PXE(LAN) boot?

19. How can I manually set up the 56XX (model U800) to PXE(LAN) boot?

20. Can I PXE boot to the 10ZiG Manager using the wireless connection?

21. The IP information on the bottom right of my screen is not right, it is all zeros, how do I fix that?

22. Where can I find instructions for mounting bracket installation?

23. How can I improve the performance of Flash and Video on the RBT616v when using RDP 7 and Windows 2008R2?

24. Will my XPe Unit's clock adjust itself automatically for Daylight Saving Time this year?

25. Why does my XPe thin client periodically shut down on its own?

26. How do I set up my XTC thin client to use two monitors?

27. Using RDP 7 and it is extremely slow.

28. How can I hide the EWF tray ICON?

29. How do I restore an image by booting to a USB thumb on my 362XP Tablet?

30. Is there a way to disable the Windows search in the registry? I want to disable the Start button "Search Programs and Files".

31. Is there a way to enable NUM LOCK ON in the registry?

32. When using RDP how do I get the domain name saved so that it only prompts for user name and password not the domain? I want to avoid any chance of a user editing or deleting the domain.

33. The vWorkspace Client will not connect when using vWorkspace RDP but it will connect with Microsoft RDP.

34. When trying to connect to a 2008 R2 server I am getting a certificate error but I know it is valid.

35. hat devices are supported by RDP with RemoteFX USB redirection?

36. RDP is running extremely slow, is there anything I can do to improve the speed?

37. How do I access the user control panel on the XTC?

38. Why are none of my changes being saved?

39. In Flash Disk Write Protection, why is the commit changes button is dimmed?

40. After XX amount of days I cannot log my XPe thin client into the domain. The computer name must be deleted out of the active directory and then re-joined to the domain.

41. I cannot log into Citrix or RDP as a domain user and launch published applications.

42. The XTC-1000, XTC-1300, XTC-500 or XTC-600 boots up but the monitor does not come on. The LED light is amber and I can VNC into it.

43. I get a message indicating my registry is corrupt and asks if I want to revert to a previous one, how should I answer it?

44. How do I get the RDP session to start automatically?

45. I am having problems connecting to the thin client using RDP.

46. When I configure the TS Gateway Server Settings in Windows 2008 and check Bypass TS Gateway for local address, I get an error.

47. How can I limit what my users can do and see on the XP Thin Client?

48. How do I force users to have to log on rather than log on automatically?

49. How do I set the XP Thin client to log on automatically as a specific user or to force users to enter a user name and password?

50. How can I determine what build date I have on my XP thin client?

51. Do the XPe thin clients support LEAP or PEAP?

52. My XPe thin client keeps running out of disk space and we are not adding anything or doing anything out of the ordinary.

53. How can I remove the system information from the lower right hand side of the desktop?

54. I am installing a printer and it is prompting me for the Windows installation CD.

55. How do I stop the Citrix Neighborhood Agent from starting on boot?

56. How do I install and configure Ramdisk driver?

57. I need to PXE boot every time but it keeps getting disabled in the BIOS.

58. When using Citrix with Desktop Application Software and USB wireless, the thin client reboots continuously when it gets to the log on screen.

59. Will the red ATI7000 64MB 64Bit PCI DVI CRT card work in the 67xx series box?

60. I am running an older XPe image and am having certificate issues with Flash and Shockwave.

61. Where can I find end of lifecycle information on Microsoft software?

62. I just received a WES thin client and it is set to auto logon as a limited user, how do I get out of it and log in as the administrator?

63. How can I install a RAM drive in XPe?

64. I am getting an SSL alert message about a certificate that cannot be verified up to a trusted certification authority.

65. How can I uninstall RAMDISK?

66. Where can I find documentation on how to install a VESA bracket on the 58XX series models?