Frequently Asked Questions

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10ZiG Model 58XXq - Linux


1. What key do I use to access the BIOS?

2. Which video port is the primary port.

3. I am using Citrix and when the PKOS screensaver kicks in my keyboard no longer works.

4. How do I RDP to a Terminal Server that requires NLA (Network Level Authentication)?

5. Where can I find documentation on how to install a VESA bracket on the 58XX series models?

6. I am running the browser in KIOSK mode with Hide Hide Address Bar checked. Once I open the browser there is no way to get out of it without turning off the thin client.

7. How do I install our SSL certificate for a secure connection into our secure Citrix environment using the 10ZiG Citrix Zero Client 5848qc?

8. How do I enable/Disable HDX Webcam and USB Audio for Citrix ICA?

9. Where can I find a PKOS User Guide?

10. When connecting to a 2012 RDS server I only get the option to use screen 1 or 2 or view the screen across both (span) in the RDP setup as if one giant monitor is connected. The monitors need to act like two independent monitors.

11. How do I install a mounting bracket on a 4400 Series, 5800 Series and a V1200-P model?

12.How do I get dual monitor to work when using RDP and the host is Windows 7 Pro

13. My webcam is not working in VMware