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10ZiG Manager


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1. Where can I download the latest 10Zig Manager?

2. Where can I download the quick start guide for the older version of the manager?

3. I am using the older manager and when I try to retrieve the configuration from a thin client the program crashes with a term.exe error.

4. How do I update the firmware on a Linux thin client using the 10ZiG Manager?

5. When the unit is completing the PXE boot process and loading the Linux environment I see the following lines on-screen near the end of the boot process;

Eth0 [ followed by Ethernet info] 

starting sshd

starting httpd

starting crond

[E17.654459] FAT: Bogus number of reserved sectors

(Note the 6 digit number changes on various reboots)

starting samba

(couple of lines for for discovery and runlevel0

10Zig Login:

Is this a problem or a sign of something gone wrong?

6. How can I enable logging for the 10ZiG Manager server?

7. Where can I download the older version 2.0.40 of the BOSmanager?

8. Can I PXE boot to the 10ZiG Manager using the wireless connection?

9. What ports are used by the 10ZiG Manager?

10. What is the difference between the Clone System Image - Deploy System Image and Backup and Restore?

11. The image will not push out and fails - what might be the problem?

12. How do I use the hot keys in UltraVNC viewer on a Linux thin client through the 10ZiG Manager?

13. If my thin clients are located on network segments that are not local to the 10ZiG Manager server such as a VPN, WAN or segmented VLAN, how can I PXE boot them to the manager?

14. Where can I find a manual for the 10ZiG Manager?

15. Can I run the 10ZiG Manager on the same server as my DHCP server?

16. Can I run the 10ZiG Manager on the same server as my Active Directory server?

17. How does the 10ZiG Manager communicate with the XPe thin client?

18. How can I backup or restore an image on a thin client using a USB thumb drive?

19. I have a class A network and have added my IP range but I still don't see any thin clients

20. I installed 10ZiG Manager on Windows 7 64 bit and now I get a Snap-in error - Font "Arial Does not support style "Regular".

21. I am trying to update my older Linux thin client using a tar file in the 10ZiG Manager but it fails.

22. I can't start the 10ZiG Manager Service.

23. The 10ZiG Manager does not see my thin clients or they go green and then red back and forth.

24. WOL (Wake On LAN) function is not working - I can shut the thin clients down but I can't power them off.

25. I have a 5120 or a WTC-1000 and BOSmanager never finds it

26. I have a Linux thin client that shows up with the name NONE.

27. How can I copy/move an existing 10ZiG Manager database to another computer?

28. I am getting a "cannot access the ImageStore share" error in the 10ZiG Manager when in recovery mode.

29. I have a WES 7 thin client that is seen in the 10ZiG Manager Console but then it randomly shows as off even though it is still on and working.

30. I have a PXE server in place already so I don't want to use the 10ZiG Manager as a PXE server - how can I use the existing PXE server to push out images to thin clients?

31. The PXE process starts correctly but the TFTP does not seem to communicate resulting in an eventual timeout error.

32. The 10ZiG Manager doesn't seem to be able to determine the online status of WES 7 thin clients.

33. I am not seeing all my thin clients in the 10ZiG Manager and when I look at the SYSLOG it indicates that the program cannot access the database.

34. Is NAT (Network Address Translation) supported when the 10ZiG Manager and the thin clients reside behind a NAT'd firewall/router?

35. I am attempting to update my Linux thin client using a downloaded .tar file but it starts and then fails almost immediately.

36. I am getting messages in the Syslog that look like the 10ZiG Manager's MYSQL database is corrupt - how can I fix it?

37. How can I add a DNS resource record for my 10ZiG Manager server?

38. How do I enable logging for the 10ZiG Manager Server?

39. How do I remove previously saved sysprep files?